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Healthy Recipes

Superfood Breakfast Cookies

Superfood Breakfast Cookies , By . 4.9 ★★★★★ | These cookies are jam-packed with nutritious ingredients and healthy enough for breakfast on the go! They’re free of gluten, dairy, & refined sugar, and also vegan friendly! Total Time: 15 Minutes, Servings: 9 Servings Ingredients : • 1 cup old fashioned rolled oats (use certified gluten-free oats, if […]


ONE POT BLACK PEPPER CHICKEN RECIPE , By Healthy Living and Lifestyle . Quick and easy black pepper chicken recipe, inspired by Chinese flavors. This one pot dinner idea is made with simple ingredients and ready in 30 minutes. Total time: 40 minutesServings: 12 Servings INGREDIENTS: • 4 tbsp Sesame oil • 2 tbsp Onions […]

The perfect fall drink!

Healthy Living and Lifestyle – With the weather beginning to cool down, you’re going to need a little something to warm you right back up—and these fall cocktails will do just the trick. (And with the holidays coming up, you deserve a sip of something a little stronger to help you unwind a bit!) Every […]


SKINNY POOLSIDE DIP – This dip, man. It’s surprisingly good. I mean, it’s basically a bunch of raw veggies stirred up with some cream cheese and ranch seasoning. I used full fat cream cheese, because like I said: Calories are delicious. That said, I did reduce the cream cheese by half. So…basically it’s still somewhat skinny. […]

Lemon Sugar Cookie Bars

Last Sat was my thirty first birthday, and it absolutely was additionally national lemon bar day!! Except that it wasn’t, and that i simply created that up. The lemon bar half, it absolutely was really my birthday. I pay every kind of your time conversing with individuals (I virtually used the word conversating there solely […]

simple pumpkin

In the process of making cakes, this one has two processes. The first by steaming and the second by roasting. Here we will describe one pumpkin cake after another and the first Roasted Yellow Pumpkin Cake. Before discussing the manufacturing process we will first review the basic ingredients used. As we know that this pumpkin […]

No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Cups

No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Cups , By . Need a quick and healthy snack? No Bake Peanut Butter Granola Cups are easy and healthy snack for kids and adults and perfect breakfast to grab and go Total Time: 10 Minutes, Servings: 12 Servings Ingredients : 2 ½ cups granola 1 cup peanuts-chopped 3 […]

Healthy Beef and Broccoli

I’ll always have a soft spot for something that takes a bit more time and effort (like slow-simmered soups or stews, or a fancy dessert), but most days we’re eating meals that are fairly straight-forward and simple. That never (EVER!) means we sacrifice flavor, and this healthy beef and broccoli is one of those dynamite […]

5 Simple Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks

While many people choose to go down the road of gym membership, special equipment and supplements, there are also those who like to keep it simple – eat less, but healthy and perform bodyweight exercises at the comfort of their home. By doing these 5 exercises daily, you’ll start seeing improvements in your waistline size […]

These Deviled Strawberries won’t last more than 5 minutes! They’re a hit at any party

If you like strawberry cheesecake, then you are going to go bonkers over these darling deviled strawberries stuffed with an irresistible sweet cream cheese filling, and then topped with crushed graham crackers. They make for a delightful party food display, and trust me, they’ll be the first thing to disappear. They are a fabulous treat […]